Our Journey to the Ballymore Sporting Precinct

In the dynamic world of mixed martial arts (MMA), it takes more than just passion and grit to succeed; it takes the right training environment and state-of-the-art facilities. For Fightcross MMA & Fitness, this journey to excellence recently took an exciting turn as they began moving from Collingwood Street, Albion, to their new home at Ballymore Sporting Precinct. But it’s not just a change of address; it’s a transformation into a high-performance training facility that is sure to make waves in the MMA community. The story of Fightcross MMA & Fitness’ transition is an impressive one, as they outline ambitious goals in their brand new facility.

The Move to Ballymore Sporting Precinct

Fightcross MMA & Fitness, a reputable name in the Australian MMA scene, was born out of a passion for martial arts and a commitment to excellence. Fightcross is one of the longest standing MMA gyms in Brisbane, established in 2001. It quickly became a go-to destination for those wanting to pursue their MMA dreams. For years, Fightcross operated out of their Collingwood Street location, offering top-notch training and support to athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike before outgrowing the space in early 2023. 

However, with the MMA world evolving at such a rapid pace, Fightcross knew they needed to develop a plan to continue to grow in a new exciting direction. The decision to move from Collingwood Street to Ballymore Sporting Precinct was driven by a desire to provide their athletes with a world-class sporting facility that would help them reach their full potential.

The Former Queensland Reds Training Facility

The move to the former Queensland Reds training facility at Ballymore Sporting Precinct is a strategic decision that holds tremendous promise. This venue, which has hosted some of Australia’s top rugby players, offers a massive space that can be converted into an elite MMA training center. The facility boasts extensive training areas, top-of-the-line equipment, and an atmosphere that exudes dedication, ambition and sporting excellence.

Repurposing the venue has been an exciting process. The goal is to transform it into a hub for MMA excellence, The facility is designed to cater to all aspects of MMA training, including striking, grappling, strength and conditioning, mental preparation and recovery.

Ambitious Goals for the Future

With their move to Ballymore Sporting Precinct, Fightcross MMA & Fitness has set some ambitious goals for the future. They aim to create a high-performance training facility that not only caters to seasoned athletes but also serves as a launchpad for the next generation of MMA stars. Here are some of their key objectives:

1. Elite Training Programs: Fightcross plans to introduce a range of elite training programs, customised to suit the needs of each athlete. These programs will be combining the latest training techniques, sports science, and expert coaching.

2. Mental Conditioning: MMA is as much a mental game as it is physical. The facility will offer specialised mental conditioning programs to help athletes develop the mental toughness required to succeed in the MMA sporting arena.

3. Community Building: Fightcross aims to build a tight-knit community of athletes and fitness enthusiasts. They believe that a supportive community can help individuals reach their goals, and they plan to foster this environment in their new facility.

4. Local Talent Development: Queensland has a rich history of producing top-tier athletes. Fightcross hopes to play a vital role in nurturing local talent, helping them achieve national and international recognition.

5. Recovery: In addition to training, the facility will offer guidance on recovery, ensuring that athletes are in the best possible condition for their competitions. This includes the addition of a remedial massage therapist, an Osteopathic Physician and a Chiropractor. 

6. Event Hosting: Fightcross plans to host a series of events such as tournaments and seminars in their new facility, showcasing both local talent and international experts. Hosting world renowned BJJ coaches John Danaher and Robert Drysdale, wrestling coaches Ben Askren and Frank Hickman, Strength and conditioning coaches Dean Amasinger (head of UFC PI) and Chris Haseman (former UFC athlete), to name a few. These events will not only boost the MMA community but also bring recognition to Fightcross as a high performance training center.

The journey from Collingwood Street to Ballymore Sporting Precinct represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Fightcross MMA & Fitness. With their eyes firmly set on becoming a high-performance training facility for mixed martial arts, Fightcross is poised to make a substantial impact in the Australian and international MMA scene.

As the doors of their new facility swing open, Fightcross MMA & Fitness stands ready to welcome athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and anyone with the dream of conquering the mma arena. The story of this move is not just about changing locations; it’s about transformation, growth, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. In the world of MMA, Fightcross is positioning itself to be a force to be reckoned with, and their journey from Collingwood Street to Ballymore Sporting Precinct is a testament to their commitment to the sport they love.