Ben Askren Seminar at Fightcross – Dec 10 2023

In the MMA hustle, leveling up is the name of the game. On December 10, 2023, Fightcross MMA and Fitness became the ultimate spot as the legendary Ben Askren rolled in for a seminar that blew our minds. Picture this: arm drags, wrestling takedowns, and Ben Askren – a dream combo for any MMA fanatic.

Ben Askren isn’t just a name; he’s a vibe. The seminar was more than just moves; it was a crash course in the secrets of the sport. Our Coach Ben didn’t hold back, breaking down the art of the arm drag series like the champ he is. If you ever wondered how to get that extra edge in the cage, Ben’s got the playbook.

But wait, there’s more! Ben didn’t stop at arm drags; he threw in some wrestling takedowns to spice things up. It was like getting the insider’s guide to dominating the mat. Imagine training moves that not only look cool but also pack a serious punch when it comes to winning in the cage – that’s what Ben brought to the table.

Now, let’s talk about the man himself. Ben Askren isn’t just an amazing athlete; he’s a coach with a goldmine of knowledge. The seminar wasn’t just about learning moves; it was like having a chat with a wrestling and MMA legend. The man shared his wisdom, and Fightcross is buzzing with gratitude for the chance to soak it all in.

In a nutshell, the Ben Askren seminar on December 10, 2023, was a game-changer for everyone who stepped into Fightcross. It wasn’t just a seminar; it was an experience that fired up our passion for MMA. From arm drags to takedowns, Ben Askren delivered the goods, leaving us stoked and hungry for more. The Fightcross crew is on a whole new level, thanks to Ben’s epic seminar.