MMA 101: 8 Reasons You Should Train MMA in 2021

MMA is one of the most popular sports in Australia and the world, and many fans have wondered what it would be like to go from spectator to student.

With MMA training being more accessible now than ever, it’s never been a better time to get involved and start learning the skills that make this sport so exciting to watch.

Here are 8 reasons, backed by research, why you should train MMA this year.

1. Learn Proven Self-Defence Techniques

Mixed martial arts covers a huge range of combat skills. From striking to takedowns and even submissions, MMA has it all. You’ll learn how to punch, kick, land elbows and knees, wrestle and throw, and even apply joint locks and chokeholds. But the best part of MMA is that we know it works. With the rise of mixed martial arts fight shows like the world-famous UFC, and local shows like HAMMA Fight Night and Aftershock MMA held here in Brisbane, there’s no shortage of footage showing the effectiveness of MMA against a fully resisting opponent.

Plus, with everyone being able to film straight off their phone these days, there’s plenty of videos circulating on YouTube of people using their MMA skills to defend themselves in altercations.

2. Get a Full-Body Workout

MMA training gives you a full-body workout. If you’re going to be punching, kicking, and grappling, you can bet you’ll be using every muscle in your body. 

And it’s not just about the variety of muscles that you’ll be using, but how you use them. 

Mixed martial artists are some of the most elite athletes in the sporting world and for good reason. Not only will you be building strength through your workouts, but also power, explosiveness, speed, endurance and flexibility.

Every session is both fun and challenging and can help you achieve whatever your athletic goals may be.

3. Improves Your Mental Toughness

MMA training is a fantastic way to improve your mental toughness. 

It’s been shown that martial arts training helps to increase your resiliency as well as your alertness and attention span

With the proper effort and dedication, it won’t be long after joining a gym that you’ll discover you can push yourself to levels you didn’t think were possible.

It’s at this point that people often start adopting a can-do attitude with their mentality shifting from “I can’t do this” to “I can do this.”

4. Teaches Discipline

After joining an MMA gym, you’ll begin a journey that will transform you both physically and mentally. 

You’ll learn a tonne of new info on eating, sleeping, and training right. 

But it’s the consistency in doing the right things over and over again that will deliver results. 

If you can develop the discipline to work out, eat right, and recover properly on a regular basis, then the discipline it took to do all of that will start to carry over to your life outside the gym.

5. Supports Your Mental Health

Another massive benefit of training is that it can help support those with mental health issues.

In fact, martial arts training has been shown to help people manage stress and anxiety

This makes sense since martial arts teaches you to control your emotions in stressful situations, and this definitely has carryover into real-life. 

Plus, knowing how to defend yourself is one way to help manage anxiety and also boost one’s confidence. 

At the end of the day though, throwing on a pair of gloves and hitting the heavy bag or doing pad work is a healthy and productive way to deal with the frustrations of whatever life throws at us.

6. Become Part of a Community

At Fightcross, our members are part of a close-knit community. You might not have guessed it, but many consider this humble MMA gym in Brisbane to be their second home.

Small group training is one of the reasons you’ll see such strong relationships between members. Drop-in on any class and you’ll see a true team spirit that’s hard to find in a regular gym. 

Plus, training as part of a community improves your discipline since your mates will hold you accountable for the sessions you’ve missed. The group aspect of martial arts is also one of the reasons training can play a huge role in helping you maintain your mental health and well-being. This is because a community based on a shared practice provides a source of companionship and support to its members. It also offers a routine and structure for anyone feeling lost or wanting more in their everyday lives.

7. Helps Your kids

While all the regular reasons to train mixed martial arts still apply to kids, there are a few extra benefits to children that parents should also think about.

Firstly, it keeps kids active. 

That means less time spent playing video games, watching TV, or texting on their phone.

The other reason parents should consider enrolling their child in an MMA program is their grades. 

That’s right.

MMA training for kids has actually been shown to help improve the results on their report cards. The discipline, work ethic, and respect for coaches that kids develop while training can easily translate back into the classroom

There has even been research done that shows martial arts can help children with special needs. 

In particular, it was found that martial arts help improve the memory and self-esteem of children with epilepsy; reduced stereotyping among children with autism; and in general improved developmental skills among students with special needs.

8. It’s Fun and Addictive

The great thing about mixed martial arts is that there’s so much to learn and improve on. With the best aspects of multiple Olympic sports being taught, you’ll never be short on skills to develop. Every day is different, and with the right team behind you, MMA training can become something you look forward to rather than something you feel like you have to do.


Mixed martial arts is one of the most popular sports in Australia and across the world. While fans are eager to watch the latest fights, more and more everyday people are deciding to jump in and give actual MMA training a go.

For some people it’s about learning self-defence skills that have been proven to work against an attacking opponent. Other people are interested in improving their general health and fitness. Some are looking for the benefits to their mental health and well-being, while others are looking to become part of a community or they might be looking for a new hobby for their kids to try.

But no matter what the reason is that someone starts training in MMA, it’s the whole range of benefits that martial arts offers that keep bringing them back for more.