Meet the Team – Bijaan Ensafpour

With HAMMA Fight Night 20 fast approaching, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to sit down and chat with our fighters to find out a bit more about them.

For this interview, we chose to talk with Bijaan. He’s a first-year university student, a regular at Fightcross Albion and is making his boxing debut next weekend! Read on to find out why he started training, what his mindset has been like leading up to the fight, and his advice to those looking to start learning mixed martial arts.

So Bijaan, tell us a little bit about yourself and your life before joining Fightcross.

I’m a first-year uni student who trains at Fightcross every day. Before I joined a couple of years ago I was a football player and regular school student who definitely needed a hobby.

What made you start thinking about joining an MMA gym?

My interest in the UFC and boxing.

I’m curious about what interested you in Fightcross in particular. Walk us through from when you first became interested in training to when you decided to become a member here.

I saw Fightcross was in an area that I was familiar with, and I compared the website with the ones from other gyms. I definitely saw the most professionalism with Fightcross.

Let’s have chat about your goals. What were you hoping to achieve when you first joined?

I was looking to learn new skills and improve my fitness and health.

That’s great. What sort of progress do you feel you’ve made in those areas? Have you achieved the goals you set out to accomplish?

I’ve achieved all of these and yet I am still learning greatly every session. I really believe that as you learn more you begin to realise how little you truly know.

That’s a great mindset to have. Looking further on down the track, what sort of vision are you working towards with your training?

I’m still looking to grow as a mixed martial artist, especially in terms of my grappling.

That’s awesome! You know after seeing you at the gym every day I’ve always wondered how big of a role training plays in your life overall. I know you just started uni, tell us a bit about your degree and how studying and MMA fit together in your life.

So I’m studying a bachelor of law/bachelor of behavioural science, and an honours course at QUT. I believe studying a behavioural science/psychology course can have its place in whatever career path I choose. Whether it be in MMA, as a coach, or even as a psychologist. I’m still undecided but I plan to continue training and see what options open up in both areas.

Well apart from just starting your degree you’ve also got your first fight coming up. Walk us through what’s going through your mind at the moment.

My mind is pretty calm, just focussing on getting over an injury and getting in the cage.

Now I’ve noticed you seem to have had a really positive experience going through your first fight camp so far. What’s something interesting you’ve learnt from this experience that people might not know?

Towards the end of camp, if all has gone well, you realise a new level of fitness and physical health that you might not have achieved before. It feels great!

Have you thought much about your plans after the fight next weekend?

I haven’t thought too much about the future, but I’m definitely keen on getting more fights in and racking up some more wins.

After seeing how much of a positive impact MMA training has had on you personally, what do you think is the biggest reason more people should start mixed martial arts training?

Aside from the physical benefits, you improve mental stamina and discipline by turning up on time at the same place, whether you want to be there or not, and getting some training in.

Thinking back to when you first started you’ve come a long way to the point where you’re about to have your first fight. What do you think is the most important piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting their journey in martial arts?

Embrace your losses and failures, otherwise you won’t improve. If you see an area you lack in, or if you lack in all areas, seek to improve those areas and don’t hide from them.

Bijaan will be competing alongside 6 other fighters from the different Fightcross gyms next Saturday the 27th of February at HAMMA Fight Night 20. Tickets are on sale now: