Fightcross Albion Newsletter – January 2021

New Year’s Day Open Mat

Shout-out to everyone that came down for our New Year’s Day open mat! It was fantastic to see so many of you show up and start the new year the way you want it to continue. It was also a great opportunity to interview some of you and find out what your goals are for 2021.

Zoom Classes

Despite the short 3-day lockdown for the Greater Brisbane region and the mask-wearing requirements, as a team we all managed to pull through and adapt to the latest restrictions. Special thanks to our coaching staff who made sure there were still classes running during the lockdown, with a combination of Zoom sessions and fitness workout videos made by our coaches available for all of our members.

Australia Day Open Mat

It was another fun day on the mats earlier this week. Our 3-hour open mat on Australia Day was a great way for everyone to come in and practice their skills while spending time with mates. Check out the video to see all the cool things we got up to.

Meet the Team

Sam King

Meet Sam. He’s been with us for 5 months now and is a regular at our BJJ and boxing classes. Always an upbeat and fun guy to be around, we’ve filmed a short video looking at why Sam decided to start training, what he enjoys about the gym, and what he hopes to achieve at Fightcross. Click the video to learn more.

Will Jubb

We’ve also published a brand new Q&A with another one of regulars – Will Jubb.
Will joined Fightcross Albion early last year after hearing about it from a friend. At the time he was looking to try a new sport that would challenge him, and he soon became a regular at our BJJ and wrestling classes where he particularly enjoyed the strategic and problem-solving aspect of grappling.
After recently becoming a dad for the first time, we thought this would be a great chance to sit down and chat with him about how life has changed on and off that mats since his daughter Zoe was born.
To read the full story click here.

Upcoming Events

Robert Drysdale Virtual Seminar

Tomorrow we are lucky enough to be holding a virtual seminar with Robert Drysdale. Don’t forget to write down any questions you may have and bring them along as there will be a Q&A at the end of the session.


Next weekend on Saturday is Lockdown! If you haven’t competed before, Lockdown is a submission grappling competition that favours control and dominance. If you’re interested in competing please have a chat with one of our staff ASAP as ticket sales finish Wednesday night.

HAMMA Fight Night

Best of luck to our HAMMA Fight Team next month. So far it looks like Damian will be having his second boxing match; Seth and Bijaan will be having their first boxing matches, and Ethan will be competing in his first kickboxing match. Keep an eye out for Facebook and in-class announcements for when tickets go on sale, and come on down and support the team.


On February 20, the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation of Australia (IMMAFA) will be holding a tournament out at Hemmant (our usual Lockdown and HAMMA Fight Night location). This will be a cool opportunity to watch some fights and have a look at where the international amateur MMA scene is heading. If you’re interested, please let one of our staff know and we’ll look at organising at team trip there to check it out.

Big News

We’ll soon be moving into our new gym! With bigger mat space, more equipment and additional classes, this is looking to be a massive part of Fightcross’ history. We’re also excited to welcome Jordan to our team, who’s our new remedial massage therapist. He’ll be doing a few massages at our current gym before officially starting once we move.

Review Challenge

We’re doing a special giveaway in the month of February for all of our new members that leave a review on Google and our Facebook page. Simply show a screenshot of your review to one of our staff and we’ll hook you up with a free Fightcross cap.