Grading Alert: FAQ

Want to know about Fightcross BJJ Gradings?

Fightcross Albion holds regular BJJ gradings, these events can seem daunting and exciting wether you are a BJJ fanatic or a casual enthusiast. Everyone has questions so here is a list of our most frequent questions answered.

Q. Who is able to come to the BJJ grading?

A. Grading day at Fightcross is a community event where we come together as a team to show support and to showcase what we as a team have learnt in the previous 3-6 months. Its not just a “Flick & Tick”grading. A promotion or progression via stripes/belts is never a given. These are earned by putting in “time on the mats”

Q. Where will the grading be held?

A. The grading take place “in house” on our tradition tatami mats

Q. What should I wear?

A. A white Fightcross Club Gi.

Q. When should I arrive?

A. You should be at the grading 30 minutes prior to your start time. This allows time to get dressed in your gi and belt, ask any questions you may have, use the bathrooms, get a drink etc

Q. How long is a normal Fightcross grading.

A. Each grading is different, but typically they are approximately 2 hours long with the 1st hour being skill testing and the 2nd hour being rolling.

Q. Are the kids and adults graded at the same time?

A. Yes! we normally grading together as a one community. We do try to grade the kids first just in case they need to leave as it can be a big day.

Q. What happens after the grading.

A. Once the grading is finished and the results are given out we provide drinks and nibbles to celebrate the hard work and our community.