Martial arts Students and Mat cleaning


Is cleaning the mats part of the martial arts training or culture? Is it idealistic to think that mat cleaning could be anything other than just good OH&S practice.

Traditional martial arts Dojo’s have always encouraged or required students to clean the mats “If you take it out, put it back. If you eat it, replace it. If you get it dirty, clean it”these are simple life lessons and seem to be from a era that has past.

Helping to clean the mats reflects an internal attitude; I’m connected enough to this community and its facility to care for it. I am a contributing member of the dojo, not just a passive recipient of teaching provided.

Cleaning the mats builds camaraderie and no matter your ” skill belt level” we all have a responsibility to contribute to the community. However…. Cleaning mats is not something that is expected in your normal Goodlife gym where the staff is paid to do this and often professional cleaners are utilised.

We understand that Fightcross MMA & Fitness Is not a “traditional Martial arts facility” or a “normal gym” we are a hybrid. We offer state of the facilities and we offer a broad range of Martial Arts and Fitness options. We are not a “non-profit organisation” or a “Goodlife corporate big business”

So What is our view of this Mat cleaning dilemma? For us here at Fightcross MMA & Fitness Cleaning the mats is voluntary we do encourage you all to join in for the idealistic benefits.

We try to create a culture that is based on the idea of self and group improvement not just a business based on cold economic transactions with the sense of belonging and concern for each other.

For this reason we now offer a reward system for the members that help clean the mats. Each time you volunteer to help clean the mats we will put you on our “Earn a burger list”.