Fightcross Lends A Hand To Flood Victims

We were very pleased that members of our fight team  turned on Sunday morning willing and able to lend a helping hand with the clean up after the major floods in Brisbane.

Our team set about carrying cases of bottled water to workers 2k’s away before being asked to go and shovel mud out of a house. When we arrived the mud was about 100 mm thick covering the whole block. The water had had been 1m into the 2nd level of the home and just about everything was a right off.

The team got stuck in and after a 4 hours we had moved a large amount of the mud out to the front and used a water blaster and brooms to shift the thick goo out of the grass to the point we started to see the lawn again.

The owners where a young family with no insurance and we were only sorry that we could not stay longer and do more for him.

What a great effort, great work team.