Fightcross Birthday Bash!

Starting with a Boot Camp at 7:30am, Fightcross MMA at Geebung on Brisbane’s northside celebrated two years of “ground and pound” with an all day event showcasing Brisbane’s MMA sportsmanship and athleticism.

With all ages welcome and catered for, children as young as six or seven years old form part of the Fightcross family learning important skills such as confidence, discipline, sportsmanship and athleticism as well as staying fit and active.

Fightcross MMA celebrates using the most modern in Mixed Martial Arts instruction techniques and fitness ideals in a sporting environment that encourages supreme physical fitness, mental fortitude, devotion and strength of character, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) blends traditional martial arts philosophies of self respect and discipline with the exciting, physical feats of one of the fastest growing and most popular sports at the moment.

For two years Fightcross MMA has promoted dynamic and exciting training in and out of the cage in the most exciting and explosive sports on offer today. Fightcross strives for a friendly team based atmosphere to encourage people to reach and surpass their fitness goals. For the beginner, maybe looking to shed those extra kilos Fightcross has offered programs and training you won’t find in a regular gym. No repetitive mind numbing cardio or mindless muscle building workouts here! Fightcross MMA has recently welcomed three new fully accredited Personal Trainers:

Yoga coach and Crank-Fit Guru Sharon Tan who is sure to stretch you to your limit.

George “Gator” Dedic. An experienced Mixed Martial Arts athlete whose knowledge is an asset in any lifestyle change.

Will Briggs. A local Mixed Martial Arts athlete, cardio coach and BJJ wrestler whose intense workouts will push you to your limits and your goals.

The classes offered at Fightcross MMA are a dynamic mix and match of cardio, conditioning, wrestling, submission grappling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), traditional Martial arts and Striking. All are coached in a safe friendly team environment by experienced coaches, all of whom current or former competitive athletes.

For aspiring MMA competitors, the Fightcross MMA team is always ready to welcome you and help you toward your competitive goals. Competitions such as Lockdown and Aftershock are the perfect testing ground after you’ve acquired some skills and are looking for an arena to test them in. Fightcross team members are always well represented in these competitions and many of our athletes have gone on to higher levels of competition.

Fightcross MMA has been going strong and going hard for two years. The team always pulling together to push and help people towards a healthier, more active and exciting life, in and out of the cage. If you missed the celebrations, you are always welcome to drop in for a chat or a complimentary session at Fightcross MMA.

U32, 388 Newman Rd, Geebung 4034.