Grading and Farewell Chris Fraser

We are sad to announce that Fightcross MMA’s submission wrestling coach, Chris Fraser, is leaving us. Chris Fraser is a great person, who has been a great teacher and friend to all of us. He has passed on invaluable knowledge to the students. He has supported the team through many competitions and events. Chris has been great influence at Fightcross MMA and will always be welcomed at Fightcross MMA.
As a farewell to the students, Chris had a surprised grading, putting the students through a gruelling one hour and forty-five minutes of drills and technique. The students pushed through, with determination and proved that they deserved it. The results were:

  • Huynh Nguyen – Yellow Belt
  • Mason Aull- Green Belt
  • Marco Schlauri – Green Belt
  • Matt Pye – Green Belt
  • Nick Davis – Green Belt
  • Trevor Reeves – Blue Belt
  • Damian Birkin – Blue Belt

Chris, it has been great and we wish the best for you the in future.


The Fightcross Team