The match will start from standing. The fight will continue on the ground. The fight will continue for five minutes or until submission. Judges will decide the bout if there isn’t a clear winner but we’re looking for submissions.

Takedown, restrict, grapple, contain and submit. Tap, snap or nap…

These were the elements of Saturday’s LOCKDOWN 3 competition: Brisbane’s largest and best MMA style submission grappling comp hosted at the HAMMA Arena in Bowen Hills, LOCKDOWN saw wrestlers of all levels and all weight divisions rock up to display their submission grappling, jiujitsu, judo and wrestling skills and compete for coveted medals and the pride of their gyms.

The HAMMA Arena was a buzzing hive of activity. Competitors running around the block and drilling in the back area to cut to their nominated weight. Names yelled from hoarse voices at the front and the applaud and cheers of the crowd flooding the hall as much as the February heat. Competitors ranging from the novice beginner to professional athletes stood on equal ground and locked horns in the cage in one of the penultimate displays of grappling and athleticism in Queensland.

First up was the lightweight¬† (U70kg) and the middleweight (U84kg) division. Both classes stacked with some supreme talent and strongly represented with first class athleticism and skill. Throughout the day all weight divisions and the new addition of the women’s division presented fierce competition and stunning displays of grappling and combat skills.

LOCKDOWN 3 was a huge, adrenaline filled display of all that the Brisbane MMA scene has to offer. Stunning athleticism, supreme skill, tactics, triumphs, strength and supremacy. If you missed your chance to roll, never fear there will be more through the year.

Here are the results from the day!

1st Chris Morris (Shindo SC)
2nd Akira Takayama (FMJJ)
3rd Ricky Budgen (PUMMA)
1st Michael Tobin (Fight Club)
2nd Clayton Sharp (Shindo SC)
3rd Huynh Nguyen (Fightcross MMA)
1st Davin Marsh (SAW)
2nd Simon Taylor (IMA)
3rd Jayden Eynaud (5 Rings)
1st Nick Robbins (Shindo New Breed)
2nd Brogan Stewart (5 Rings)
3rd Matt Thomson (FMJJ)
1st Anthony Rossini (IMA)
2nd Wade Taui (PUMMA)
3rd Cory Britles-Eades (IMA)
1st Zach Burridge (5 Rings)
2nd Darcy Vendy (Shindo New Breed)
3rd Creedance Anderson (Fightcross MMA)
1st Ryann Creary (FMJJ)
2nd Mason Aull (Fightcross MMA)
Open Weights
1st Mason Aull (Fightcross MMA)
2nd Seti Tanavusa (Chikara)
3rd Creedance Anderson (Fightcross MMA)
Women’s Division
1st Linda Nekeller (Shindo New Breed)
2nd Yasmine Shariff (Shindo New Breed)
3rd Kenani Mangakahia (Shind New Breed)

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