Starting Young at Fightcross MMA

There is a misconception that mixed martial arts (MMA) is only about fighting.

All forms of martial arts consist of some kind of physical activity, but it is taught to help develop a person’s body and mind – and children can benefit from it too.

What children learn from Fightcross’ classes allows them to apply to many situations. It can help them deal with bullying, build confidence and numerous benefits in other aspects of their life. It is also important that the traditional values of most martial arts, such as respect, discipline, self-confidence and modesty should be taught to children.

Young children who enjoy regular training will also develop important social skills. MMA training involves not only individual but at Fightcross, we encourage the team spirit – we train as a team.

They will learn to have a competitive spirit, whilst maintaining respect for fellow athletes. In the early years (4-7) a child is learning the social skills for future life.


Physical Workout

MMA training develops and incredible amount of strength, conditioning and flexibility.


Self-Control & Discipline

Self-control and discipline are essential to all aspects of MMA training. Children are able to focus their energy on something productive and learn how to control their energy when they are outside of the dojo.


Achieve Goals

MMA programs are built on the concept of achieving goals (belts) through consistent, hard work. These lessons transfer into the children’s daily lives at school and other sports.


Self Confidence

Being physically fit, in control and confident that they can achieve their goals all build a children’s self-confidence and benefits them throughout their entire life.

There are no guarantees that your child will not be accidentally injured.  There are no guarantees in baseball, football or any other sport either. 

Training will improve their strength and flexibility which will lessen the chance of injury in the future. 


Kids classes are available throughout the week at Fightcross MMA Geebung.

Kids MMA

  • Monday: 4:00-5:00PM
  • Wednesday: 4:00-5:00PM

Kids BJJ

  • Tuesday: 4:00-5:00PM
  • Thursday: 4:00-5:00PM

Book in a free trial at Fightcross MMA by calling 3216 5535 or email [email protected]

Kids Classes will also be available at Fightcross MMA North Lakes(Opening Soon).