Robert Drysdale presents Ross Cameron Brown Belt in BJJ

Ross Cameron and Robert Drysdale

Fightcross MMA Head coach, Ross Cameron was presented his brown belt in Brazilian Jiu jitsu by Robert Drysdale, Head of Zenith Jiu jitsu. 

Ross commenced his study of the Martial arts as a young child in Judo at the Howick academy of Judo under Ivan Wills and went on to study Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Yun Jung Do, Japanese Jujitsu and now BJJ.

It’s his belief that a good martial artist should always be open to learning so in 2008 he began his study of BJJ, he was present his blue belt in 2013, his purple belt in 2016 and now his brown belt in 2022. 

Ross has traveled to las Vegas to train at Zenith Headquarters under Robert Drysdale. Robert presented Ross his Brown belt in a ceremony at the end of the Queensland leg of his recent Australia seminar tour. 

Cameron Quinn, Clay Shaw, Ross Cameron, Robert Drysdale, Dimitri Piliouras, Meli Borwick