Ricardo wins at Nitro 6


The El Salvadorian Assassin, Ricardo Zamora represented Fightcross MMA with determination and heart.
Walking out with pride, Ricardo received a thunderous applause from his supporter and fans from previous Nitro shows.
Ricardo fought a very tough and strong Chris Baker from Impact MMA. With a seemingly more impressive build, Chris controlled the first round, throwing a variety of combinations and controlling Ricardo on the ground. Showing a great defence, Ricardo survived a strong attempt at a rear naked choke from Chris. After receiving an illegal elbow to the back of the head, Ricardo recomposed himself and the round continued with Ricardo attempting to pull a few submissions and finishing the fight.
Second round started with Chris attempting a hip throw, which Ricardo reversed and ended up in Chris' guard. Surviving with an onslaught of punches, Ricardo pulled off a slick heel hook – Chris attempted to defend it but with Ricardo's expert grappling skills and determination, Chris tapped out  giving Ricardo the win as well as Submission of the Night.
Congratulations Ricardo, a well deserved win!