Fightcross Mixed Martial Arts: A change of perspective


Written by Brent Downes

Over a year ago I stepped into Fightcross MMA at Geebung.

A bit of background. I have never played a sport, nor belonged to a gym. I am a writer and an arts graduate, my whole life I shirked any contact with the physical side of life. This lead me to being 25 years old and tipping the scales at an unhealthy approximate 120kg. Of my own volition, I lost over 20kg on my own and with the new found energy that goes along with a life style change, I wanted to play a sport. When I walked in the front door of Fightcross I weighed somewhere in the mid 90s. These days I tip the scales in the high 70s and low 80s, but my journey has been down to 70 and back again with clean weight gain. Bodies, minds and lives are changed at Fightcross MMA.

I had no idea stepping into the gym that first time the incredible journey I would go on with Fightcross. I am not the typical sportsperson, not overly competitive nor blessed with an inherent physical ability or co-ordination. And yet at every step of the way I have been included in the Fightcross family. Being all you can be is the central philosophy at work and you are encouraged, not to change who you are as a person but to bring out qualities you never knew you had; courage, tenacity, a drive to succeed. Fightcross through support through the many trials that are along the road with Mixed Martial Arts and fitness, encourages you to be the best version of yourself.

There are no posers at Fightcross. No cosmetic gym junkies there to be seen. No mirrors to lovingly stare into. And yet, for a MMA gym there is surprisingly little testosterone spraying around. Competition is encouraged but it is not the be all and end all and aspiring pro fighters to amateurs to those with no inclination to compete in the sport are all on equal footing. There is no inner circle of fighters and ‘everyone else’, we love a winner from Fightcross, but we’re just as thrilled to see someone put their hand up to compete. People of all ages and abilities and backgrounds are involved in a single pursuit and an ideal of pushing each other and themselves towards new versions of themselves.

You’re changed at Fightcross. The fat layers melt away replaced with lean muscle. A novice soon finds his or her footing and begins to pull off some moves and construct a style. You go from terrified of the rolling and sparring session to spending your daytime hours longing for it, all with the silly grin of satisfaction to be doing what you love around people who love it too. Things I never thought I would value take on almost sacred importance, I never thought I would be driven to compete, I never thought belonging to a “Team” would mean so much. Many times I have received injuries and set backs and every time I feel like quitting, the team rallies around.

For people of all fitness and ability levels and inclinations Fightcross is a gym where there is no ego and there is no personality cult. You come, you train, you have a great time and you leave a little better than you were before. There are no bully coaches or yelling PTs, our PTs are firm, fun and relatable, very knowledgeable and experts in their craft, they have been hand chosen by Fightcross because they legitimately care about people and want to bring out happiness and success in their clients. Very soon trainer and client are seen to become friends at Fightcross.

There are fighters of all styles and abilities but all are united in their common love of the sport and I have never once heard any talk of enjoying hurting others or wanting to destroy opponents. In fact, the higher up the spectrum you go with the Fightcross fighters usually the more softly spoken, sportsmanlike and team-oriented the person is.

Fightcross continues to change and evolve. It is not the gym I walked into over a year and a half ago. It has consolidated, focused on its strengths, got rid of some stuff that wasn’t working and now it opens its doors at the new North Lakes location ready for people walking in that first time to go on the journey with them.

Fightcross MMA is built on a philosophy of respect, encouragement and excellence in all of its pursuits. Treating people as close friends and family and not as cash cows to endlessly pay new fees and costs is the business model that has been built. All are welcome to join in and all are treated equally.

There is no gym like it, MMA or otherwise and I am proud to be in the corner of Fightcross. Their perspective and atmosphere is one of a kind and it one that is infectious, addictive and welcoming to the new members, waiting to take the first step across the threshold.