Rebecca Reid’s MMA Debut!


Rebecca Reid to make her MMA debut at the Pink MMA Experience on Halloween Night, the 31st of October.


Women's mixed martial arts is growing in popularity and in aspiring sportsmanship. More and more, ladies are showing they can not just rival, but exceed their male counterparts in one of the most exciting and explosive sports today. At Fightcross Mixed Martial Arts, there is no exception as a steady growing enthusiasm from the females has been seen.

Leading and ahead of this trend is Fightcross MMA's very own Rebecca Reid. A tenacious, high energy, adrenaline fuelled athlete of awesome skill and conviction has achieved an enviable reputation of being one of the most consistent and hard-working members of Fightcross MMA's fight team. Opportunities for aspiring female MMA athletes are still not as numerous as ones for male competitors, but this has not deterred Rebecca and at long last she will be making her MMA debut at the Pink MMA Experience – all female competition which will rock the HAMMA Arena on Halloween Night, this Wednesday the 31st of October. 

The Fightcross Team is proud to stand behind Rebecca and to support this event, which is sure to be a display of what the future holds for Women's MMA in Australia.