Bec’s Journey


My journey began at Fightcross doing personal training to lose weight for my wedding, as I found it difficult to do it on my own.

Ross Cameron was my personal trainer. I found doing the exercise rewarding in so many ways not only by losing the weight but being able to push myself to limits I thought weren’t possible. 

By the time it came to my wedding I had lost 10KG, not only did I drop two dress sizes, I had changed my wedding dress three times and was able to wear the most beautiful dress – I was able to feel so happy with how I looked at the same time.

One day Ross approached me and asked if I would be interested in learning MMA, at first I was very reserved about doing this as I was a very scared person from being in a abusive relationship earlier in my life.  So this to me was such a big challenge in so many ways.  Ross explained to me that at anytime I wanted to stop I could with no questions asked!

I began learning it in my fitness with Ross and learning the basics of punching, kicking and foot work.  Not only was I learning these techniques I was learning a lot about myself at the same time. I also joined Ross’ Hsou Jing Do classes, which was the same of what I was learning but being able to work with others also. 

I also put my two children in three times a week into the Hsou Jing Do children’s classes because I found this so rewarding for myself and believed that my children would also benefit from learning it too.  Learning discipline, respect, integrity, humility and indomitable spirit was so many lessons in it’s self and could only bring positiveness into our lives not only on the mats but in our lives outside training.

Not only learning techniques was a big part it is such a positive challenge for myself too.

I also do striking, BJJ, yoga, circuit, Sunday fight training too.  I have found the coaches are very patient, encouraging and very skilled people.  Most of the classes I have been the only female but in no way ever treated any different, at the start I was really nerves but everyone was great and made me feel very comfortable.

I have found that Fightcross attracts such great people, everyone is very welcoming to anyone new and are always willing to help others no matter what experience you may have.  I also too believe that have met friends for life there too.

My journey to my first fight probably took longer then the average person that comes in to experience MMA.  But that was fine with me because I had emotional stuff breathe through to get to that point.  There were also times that would lead me to tears, the support from Ross and the team was unexplainable and that support helped so much.  So to me this journey was not about getting into a cage and hurting the other person it was about the journey for me.

Two weeks ago I had my first experience of having a fight, and wow what a journey that was in it’s self. I realised that the fight was not about winning or loosing it was about getting in there in giving it your all.  The emotional journey I went on was unexplainable, I do not believed that I would’ve coped as well as I did without the support of my coaches Ross Cameron and Dave Foki on the night.  The time and effort that they put in to train me is huge, and I will forever be grateful for everything they have taught me.  Also the training with the team and other coaches also played a part on helping me get to where I was.

This journey was one of the best experiences in my life for my mind body and soul and I will always carry these lessons through out my life, this will not be the end of my journey of MMA I want to continue on learning this rewarding sport.

I cannot express how much this sport is not what people think it is, it is such a rewarding sport to learn and I would recommend it to anyone that want’s to learn something empowering for themselves and their family.

Fightcross is the gym to go to get this sensational experience.

And if you’re wondering, I did win my fight. It was a great experience and I loved how I was friends after with my opponent, it wasn’t an ego thing at all it was an experience to test me and my skills I have practiced. So to say at least, it wasn’t about the win!!

I have won for the rest of my life because I will carry this experience with me.