My Journey with Fightcross MMA (so far)

Written by Tim Parfitt

For my whole life I have been over weight but was never obese. I have lived my life people saying I’m “big boned” and I started to believe it, and after 12 months living in the United Kingdom and travelling through Europe, drinking too much and eating too much my weight blew out to where it has never been before.

When I got back to Australia I set out to find a way to lose weight that I would enjoy. I like watching MMA on TV so I thought I would give that a go. So I set out to find a MMA gym in my area and one I would feel comfortable at. I came across Fightcross MMA and went to have a chat and check it out. As I walked in I was greeted by Ross, I didn’t once feel like he was judging me. Ross gave me the info I wanted and invited me down to try it out.

My first training session at Fightcross was a real eye opener for a few reasons. Firstly, I realised just how unfit I was, Secondly, I realised just how skilled MMA fighters are and how unskilled I was. I had grown up watching Bruce Lee movies and more recently the UFC and after about 3 seconds of shadow boxing in my bed room I thought I had some skills. Thirdly, I realised how welcoming, encouraging and friendly the whole Fightcross team where. I thought this was the place for me.

It’s the 3rd of January 2012, the first day of work for the New Year and it’s the turning point for me. This is the day I decided I need to get serious about training and losing weight. So the first thing I do is jump on the scales to give me a starting point. 119.8kg, I then put my running shoes on and set out to do a beep test to give me a base line of my fitness, I reached 6.5.

After 8 months of training and loads of support from the Fightcross team I undertook another beep test and hit 10.9. Fast forward another 3 months and I got on the scales again, and it reads 89.7kg. That’s a total loss of 30.1kg. I have also dropped from a size 44” waist to a 36“waist. I can’t ever remember weighing less 90kg, not even as a kid.

I attribute a lot of my success to the team at Fightcross, There is never any pressure, judgment or doubt. There is just encouragement, support & motivation. Fightcross MMA offers a variety of classes from Circuit classes to improve fitness to striking and BJJ to improve your skill base. Having this variety of classes and being welcome to do any of them makes keeping motivated easy.