MMA Training At Fightcross

Fightcross is renowned as one of Brisbane's friendliest and welcoming gyms. With a team of experienced MMA trainers as well as a range of classes from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, MMA, circuit training, wrestling and kids classes, Fightcross MMA can help you to achieve and maintain a fit body as well as a balanced lifestyle of both mental and physical wellbeing.

With two great locations, Geebung and North Lakes – both fully air-conditioned gyms are equipped with padded mats, boxing bags and a full sized MMA cage.

MMA training is intense and demanding, but it offers a great work out for the body. You'll learn a variety of skills from the standup game (boxing, muay thai, karate and more) to the art of the submission wrestling (Brazilian jiu jitsu, wrestling, freestyle wrestling and more).

There's no pressure for you to be a top fighter – some want to make a career out of it, some want to build confidence, some want to become fitter and stronger; everyone has their own agenda. Come in and give a class a go, the very least is you'll find out if you enjoy it or not. The important thing for you is the experience. 

You may be very surprised to find out how many people around train in some form or another of MMA. Walk into any of the Fightcross gyms and ask around, you'll get responses such as "I'm a lawyer", "I'm a dad", "I'm a third year university student". Regardless of their professions, you'll find that everyone at Fightcross is eager to help each other become better at the sport. It's a continual learning experience for advanced students and newcomers. 

Just remember if it's your first class, just relax. You're not expected to pull off a submission or knock someone out on your first class. You'll enjoy it more with that pressure off your back.

The majority of what you'll learn is based on technique. Size, speed and strength are useful, but technique can always overcome that. Pay attention to the tiny details on a technique, as that could change your entire game plan. You'll come to appreciate the art a lot more with tiny adjustments to how you pull off a submission or a certain way of striking.

The last thing is it's never bad to "tap". "Tap" is MMA speak for "quitting or giving up". And as a learner, knowing your limits is a sign of strength and smarts, not a sign of weakness. Pushing yourself too far, too beyond your skills-base will get you hurt and may put you off continuing with MMA. You aren't tougher than everyone else. Many MMA techniques only take a very little bit of movement to go from pain to serious injury.  Swallow your pride, and remember you are ultimately there to learn. In time, your strength, skill, and MMA prowess will grow considerably; until then, keep self-preservation foremost in your training mind.