David’s Journey

Written by David Smith.

Having trained in martial arts for almost 12 years, I was at a loss when my current school closed due to financial reasons. After a year or so of no martial arts, I started to feel the urge, but nowhere took my interest.

Then Fightcross opened up a school at North Lakes. Former training partners were training there, a former instructor was teaching there, which gave the place instant credibility to me, so after meeting up with a representative, I signed up immediately.

The training is of the highest standard, and is a lot of fun.

The aspect of Fightcross that stands out to me most, however, is the teamwork and camaraderie amongst the members. Instructors and advanced students don't hold themselves above the rest; they just want you to get better, and not just at martial arts.

A few months after starting to train, I suffered a personal loss – my fiance broke up with me. Naturally, I was devastated, and started to eat terribly, and my overall health was affected.

It was training with the guys at Fightcross that got me through. Their support and words of encouragement really picked me up out of my despair, and helped me get my life back on track, and continue regular training.

Fightcross is a great place to learn the skills of combat, but it will also help you with the skills of life.