Being Part Of The Team

The greatest thing we could achieve is helping you achieve your goal. With all the members that come through Fightcross MMA – we take great pleasure to see you succeed as a person and as an athlete.

Here are some testimonies from our members.

"Fightcross has supported me through a journey I never thought was possible, I am more motivated, focused and confident then I ever have been. Thanks to the coaches and team support that has been provided to me I have achieved my goals and now I will continue to make more." – Bex Reid

"The entire team at Fightcross have been so positive and encouraging. They have proven to me that if I push myself enough I will start to see results. These results have motivated me to step out of my comfort zone and train even harder. I have achieved goals I would have never thought possible and I am inspired to set even more for myself. Every class challenges my mind and body, and I am constantly learning new skills and techniques." – Denise Lopez

"After 8 months of training and loads of support from the Fightcross team I undertook another beep test and hit 10.9. Fast forward another 3 months and I got on the scales again, and it reads 89.7kg. That’s a total loss of 30.1kg. I have also dropped from a size 44” waist to a 36“ waist. I can’t ever remember weighing less 90kg, not even as a kid." – Tim Parfitt

Keep it up and we hope you in turn, inspire your friends and family to take on challenges and succeed.

If you're looking at changing your life around and getting fit, heatlhy and strong, come in to a Fightcross gym near you and get started!