Mission Positive

With the recent floods, Fightcross come to aid with a flood relief campagin with Mission Positive, an organistion that strives to create positive difference to the world.

With the help of both North Lakes and Geebung with only one day's notice, we exceeded Mission Positive's expectations.


Claire Allsop, the director of Mission Positive was estactic. 

Here's a brief description of Mission Positive is:

Mission Positive is a community organisation focusing on creating a positive difference through out the world. The organisation was launched on January 7th 2012 and since then has taken the world by storm. With a constantly growing community of positive people, Mission Positive aims to put a smile on everyone who come in contact with the cause.

Mission Positives main campaign throughout the year is Valentines day. On Valentines Day the Mission Positive committee and volunteers take to the streets of Brisbane, handing out roses to people on the street. Last year 400 roses where handed out in 28 minutes, and this year they aim to hand out 3 times the amount in less than an hour.

Whilst this is Mission Positives main focus, when the floods destroyed thousands of homes the committee knew they needed to help. Mission Positive rounded up sources and collected donations from all over Brisbane. In total Mission Positive got approximately $1000 worth of donations in the form of food, water, towels, clothes, shoes and sanitary items that will all go directly to flood victims.

Mission Positives aim to help people see the positive side to any situation and be a support network when needed most.

For further information on Mission Positive or to see where your donations have gone you can go to www.facebook.com/missionpositive