Fightcross at Fightworld Cup 11

Representing Fightcross MMA was Huynh Nguyen.

Weighing in at 61.35KG, Huynh took the fight even though his opponent didn't make weight, weighing in at 63KG.


Here's a recap of the fight:

After an intense walk out, Huynh took the centre of the arena, took in the moment, letting his opponent know this was his fight. The round starts his opponent goes to touch gloves, Huynh shows him no respect for not making weight and goes in with hard strikes. Shane goes to shoot and struggles to drag Huynh to the ground. Maintaining calm, Huynh works his way up to his feet, shrugging off his opponent. He shoots, Huynh sprawls and denies him a take down. Shane desperately holds onto a single which Huynh defends with ease, shrugging him off, peppering with sharp shots to the body and head. End of round 1, Huynh looking fresh and calm.

Round 2, with no luck trying to take to fight to the ground, Shane throws wild hands and tags Huynh on the nose and starts to bleed, Huynh dives for a single, and gets caught in a guillotine on the way down. He defends the choke, looking to escape. The blood pooling in his nose, restricts his breathing causing Huynh to choke; tap 40 seconds in round 2.

Great job Huynh. Fightcross team is proud of you!