Josh wins at Hervey Bay


Josh "The Wolfman" Smith came home with an impressive win. Check out the recap of the rounds provided by cornermen, Dave Foki.


Round 1

James Gywnne comes out aggressive with massive leg kick and follows up with some hands, Josh returns with a low kick, with both fighters clinching and Gywnne gets a takedown ending up in Josh's guard. Josh holds the position and takes a few punches. Josh attempts a sweep, but Gywnne takes the opportunity for a rear naked choke – Josh defends well and scrambles into stand up position again. Both fighters trade a few combos and Gywnne attempts a take down again ending up in Josh's guard again. Josh gets the chance to go in rubber guard and the bell goes.


Round 2

Straight into a clinch and against the ropes. Josh drives Gywnne hard into a corner. Pinning him there, Josh unloads some hard knees to Gywnne's leg. Gywnne attempts a whizzer but can't budge Josh. Josh goes for a double leg take down and slams Gywnne on the canvas. Taking some punches, Gywnne gets a reversal and throws a few punches, but Josh easily gets the sweep and sinks in a brabo choke, hooking in a leg and crunches up perfectly. Gywnne looks close to tapping and gets his head free. Josh acts quickly and gets mount position and throws some heavy hands at Gywnne. Referee calls twice at Gwynne to defend and the bell rings.


Round 3

Josh pushes Gywnne against the ropes and Gywnne attempts for a takedown, but Josh hooks in a tight standing choke and drops for the takedown. Josh hooks the leg again and sits in a tight guillotine. Josh slips, and gets a sweep and moves straight back to mount and throws constant punches at Gywnne. Gywnne rolls onto his stomach and doesn't defend as Josh alternates with left and right hooks to the head until the referee calls the fight.