Here At North Lakes

What a week at Fightcross North Lakes!


With the Colts back on board, we have some talented young people coming through the ranks, keeping their level intense as always in class, coached by Brian Porter.


Circuit training kicked it up a notch with everyone making new goals to achieve at Fightcross. Results will come fast and they're bound to make new ones!


Our first Yoga class this week with Sharon had a great turn out, making it one of the biggest classes ever on the mats! Yoga will be on Wednesdays at 5:30PM at North Lakes.


The BJJ classes have been huge with everyone learning new techniques from the basics of guard all the way through to some rolling submissions. With the mats this full, the team will be gaining a lot of momentum for all of the grappling tournaments ahead.


Brian's been taking the striking classes and the students have been working on some fantastic combinations, footwork and pounding out those pad drills. Great to see improvements by everyone in the class with some of the guys stepping up to Fighter Development training.


It's been a huge week and with the kids classes will be starting again on Tuesday 29th, there's plenty more to come from the Fightcross team this year!