Aftershock 12.4: Enemy At The Gates

Brisbane's largest amateur C-Class Mixed Martial Arts competition toured for the first time to Toowoomba. A small, but vocal and enthusiastic crowd gathered at the T-Bar PCYC for an afternoon of different offerings from the exciting platter that is Mixed Martial Arts Action in Queensland. 

Joining a card full of C-Class fights was a four-man eliminator submission grappling competition showcasing the technical athleticism of the sport. The main event, a high octane B-Class event showed the next level of skill, explosiveness and tenacity of this fastest growing sport in Australian. 

Aftershock: Enemy at the Gates was the first, electric foray into a amateur Mixed Martial Arts competition in Toowoomba. Judging from the vocal support of the local crowd for their local MMA atheletes and the other high-energy sporting entertainment on display; big things await the future of MMA in Toowoomba.




James Luke | 5 Rings DEF Jaysen Brody | Fightcross MMA VIA Submission (Head-arm Triangle), Rd 1, 2:49

Tyson Myles | Rings Toowoomba DEF Huynh Nguyen | Fightcross MMA VIA TKO, Rd 2, 1:01

Mark Small | KO Martial Arts DEF Kamil Radzki | 5 Rings VIA Submission (Guillotine), Rd 1, 1:24

Ben Hoctor | Rings Toowoomba DEF Cody Anderson | Fightcross MMA VIA TKO, Rd 2, 1:01

Maui Tuigamala | KO Martial Arts DEF Kennedy Tuvai VIA Submission (Guillotine), Rd 2, 2:36 

Jim Hireme | KO Martial Arts (82.9KG) DEF Logan Bowers | Fightcross MMA VIA TKO, Rd 3, 2:28

Josh Smith | Fightcross MMA DEF Michael McDaniel | Rings Toowoomba VIA Submission (Rear-Naked Choke), Rd 3, 1:24

Greg Wynne | Infinity Martial Arts DEF Paul Beckman | Rings Toowoomba VIA KO, Rd 2, 0:23


Four-man Eliminator Winner: Aaron Claxton | Fightcross MMA

Knockout of the Night: Ben Hoctor | Rings Toowoomba

Submission of the Night: Mark Small | KO Martial Arts

Fight of the Night: Jim Hireme | KO Martial Arts and Logan Bowers | Fightcross MMA



Aftershock will return and head out to Orange, NSW on December 8th! Check out the latest news here.