Aftershock 12.2 – Amateur MMA Competition


Written by Brent Downes

Once again the HAMMA Arena played host to what has become arguably Brisbane's largest and best amateur level Mixed Martial Arts competitions. With a great representation across the weight classes from many of the iconic and well-known gyms in the southeast Queensland region, Aftershock also had competitors as far as New South Wales – a field of well-honed athletes took centre stage in this electric match up in the C-Division.

The C-class rules, watched over by the officials from Mixed Martial Arts Australasia meant that safety was the first concern of this event. One of the enduring qualities that stand Aftershock apart from its competitors is the attention given to the safety of the competitors.

With the event being sponsored by major labels like Punch, ASN Brisbane, JB HiFi, Raining Bombs and Fitness Industry Training, Aftershock has an enviable reputation as a debut fight show, with many of the competitors, new and aspiring or recreational and amateur level sportspeople in the Mixed Martial Arts arena. Aftershock gives the amateur athlete or the aspiring champion an arena to test and further develop their skills in a safe and supportive way.

This being said it is still a first rate show, there is a real grassroots and community feeling to Aftershock and it exudes both a genuine passion for the sport and a warm and supportive family atmosphere. As is quite unexpected perhaps of a stereotypical Mixed Martial Arts event, the audience is vocal and enthusiastic, but respectful and genuinely there to see local competitors strike and grapple in a sportsmanlike way. There is a definite feeling of encouragement and real pride in the faces of the trainers for their competitors for stepping onto this arena.

The day was action packed, with many of the bouts running the full length of 3 rounds, which meant there were some stunning displays of athleticism and talent. There was plenty of hardcore striking and submission grappling on display however and more than one competition ended in an exciting submission or feat of striking.

Aftershock is, every time, earning more and more of a respectable part as an iconic and important part of Brisbane and perhaps Australia's mixed martial arts landscape. A safe and competitive show that encourages sportsmanship, skill and a good clean bout with plenty of encouragement and warm community feel. It is these things that are leading to Aftershock's growing reputation which is well deserved and it is a show that is very much needed and appreciated in Brisbane's MMA scene.


Aftershock is looking to expand and will be on the road to other towns in Queensland and New South Wales. If you’re a local gym or a fighter or wanting to sponsor the show – contact us on [email protected]


The next instalment of Aftershock will be 1 September 2012.

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Nominations for Aftershock 12.3 will be open 8 June 2012.



1.    Zac STORM (RINGS Lismore) v Thomas MARSHALL (Cage-Fit)

       Winner – MARSHALL. Unanimous points, 3:00 R3.


2.    Flynn REED-LANE (Integrated Hervey Bay) v Mark SMALL (KO Martial Arts)

       Winner – SMALL. TKO (Strikes) 0:11 R3.


3.    Jake TAYLOR (NRG Gym) v Lachlan DOBBINS (Fightcross MMA)

       Winner – TAYLOR. Guillotine, 0:48 R2.


4.  Corey SKEWS (Integrated Hervey Bay) v Brandon JONES (Shindo New Breed)

       Winner – JONES. Triangle choke, 1:51 R2.


5.    Adrian RODRIGEZ (Impact) v Simon REID (KO Martial Arts)

       Winner – RODRIGEZ. Unanimous points. 3:00 R3.


6.    David COCKER (Infinity Martial Arts) v Logan BOWERS (Independent)

       Winner – Unanimous Draw. 3:00 R3.


7.    Brad EDWARDS (Integrated Hervey Bay) v Dan O'ROURKE (RINGS Lismore)

       Winner – O'ROURKE. TKO strikes, 2:08 R1.


8.    Harley TAYLOR (NRG Gym) v Jim HIREME (KO Martial Arts)

       Winner – HIREME. Verbal Submission, 1:35 R2.


9.    Brendon KANOFSKI (Integrated Bris) v Josh SMITH (Fightcross MMA)

       Winner – SMITH. TKO Strikes, 1:29, R3.


10.    Matthew ELAND (Independent) v Mani TUIGAMALA (KO Martial Arts)

       Winner – TUIGAMALA. Unanimous points, 3:00 R3.


11.    Teko MARIUSSEN (RINGS Lismore) v Josh MCDONALD (Shindo New Breed)

       Winner – MCDONALD. Unanimous points, 3:00 R3.


12.    Guy ROBBO (Impact) v Liam HARTLEY (RINGS Lismore)

       Winner – ROBBO. Unanimous points, 3:00 R3.


13.    Ethan HEWITT (Integrated Hervey Bay) v Luke WRIGHT (Shindo New Breed)

       Winner – WRIGHT. TKO strikes, 0:48 R2.


14.    Mitchell MALLETT (Integrated Brisbane) v Jesse ROBBINS (Fightcross MMA)

       Winner – MALLETT. Guillotine, 0:45 R3.


Referees – Peter Hickmott, Tim Tekano, Roy Hall.

Sanctioned by MMA Australasia.