Forging Friendships
Huynh Nguyen | 10 February

“We kept handing each other compliments despite it being illegal.” Fightcross teammates Pagan Blight and Nynne Nielsen weren’t going to

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A Second Home
Huynh Nguyen | 4 December

It began as a casual catch-up that evolved into a business venture; earlier this year when Alastair Cameron met with

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How Are You?
Huynh Nguyen | 13 September

‘I could never have done this before I started MMA,’ ‘I could never have talked about myself in a setting

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Passion Breeds Passion
Huynh Nguyen | 8 August

Freddie Roach; Teddy Atlas; any other with clout in the boxing fraternity, can be pictured. They are studied. Studied for

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