Father Figures at Fightcross MMA

We love hearing the positive impact on our members and this one is a beautiful story.

Sarah the mother of young Josh Pyle speaks about how Josh grew up without a father.

"Josh's father left us without a trace when Josh was only five" Sarah recollects. "It's been a blessing to have the Fightcross. Josh has several positive male role models around him all the time."

This is her review on Fightcross North Lakes:

"I highly recommend Fightcross North Lakes. My son wanted to join a gym that taught MMA. I searched the Internet for hours finding again and again gyms that had an 18 years start age for MMA much to the disappointment of my son. Then there it was Fightcross! Which had a 13 to 16 years age class. Finally! So without hesitation I signed my son up after a free lesson, which is provided to see if it is what you're looking for.

My son has always been very shy and doesn't take to people easily. As soon as he saw his trainer he liked him and has formed a tight bond with him during his time there. Also I watched this ever so shy child of mine grow in leaps and bounds becoming more and more confident and out of his shell. Our family commented to me what a change they have seen in him he has conversations with them now rather than saying nothing sitting in the background of family gatherings.

I've watched him walk into a training session and start rolling with guys one after another communicating with every one. Fightcross has done so much for him they are a great group of guys and girls a family that have given him his time to shine."