Crossfit Equipped

Under new management, the HAMMA Arena, home to Fightcross MMA Bowen Hills and Crossfit Equipped, has transformed itself into the ultimate training facility for any serious athlete or fitness enthusiast. Fightcross MMA Bowen Hills and Crossfit Equipped members will have the privilege of access to all the classes offered at the facility.

Anyone who signs up from now on will receive membership access to ALL classes; that means unlimited access to martial arts and Crossfit classes.

We look forward to exciting times ahead of us and we can’t wait for you to be part of it.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Will my membership costs change?
A. No, your membership costs will remain the same. The only thing that will happen is a merge of systems – there will be some paperwork for you to do!

Q. Are the coaches changing?
A. No, the current trainers will stay and work with the team, current and new members!

Q. Can I try out the Fightcross/Crossfit classes?
A. Absolutely – management has negotiated so that you can partake in all the classes under the one roof!

Q. Can I do Crossfit straight away?
A. The only compulsory requirement for the Crossfit classes is the onboarding program ($99 one off fee) – there’s three compulsory sessions you must attend before you can partake in the public classes.

Q. Do I have to compete?
A. Nope. We don’t pressure you to compete at all. If you decide to compete, we will help you get there though!

If you’re looking to get involved in either mixed martial arts or Crossfit, email the team at Fightcross MMA Bowen Hills and get started now – [email protected]

Fightcross MMA Bowen Hills is located at 3 Hudd Street, Bowen Hills.