My name is Cassandra and I have recently started training at Fightcross MMA Redcliffe.

My brother, Aaron, who is a committed KOMA fight team member constantly nagged at me to come down and train but being busy with work and study, my mind was elsewhere.

I was focused on losing weight with the wrong the approach that affected my commitment to my goal that ultimately caused depression.

After moving back to Brisbane from the Gold Coast, I met with James Lennard about my interest in trying out Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Circuit classes.

From day one, I fell in love with this sport. Not only is it an amazing workout but also it’s helpful for women to have some knowledge on self-defence. The team at Redcliffe are more than welcoming and push each other no matter what level of fitness or experience.

Just from training with the KOMA team, I have found an increase in body strength and tone as well a more positive outlook on fitness as a sport, a lifestyle. Not only are the circuit classes are intense, help burn fat, build muscle and increase fitness they are fun and different every week, which keeps it interesting.

I didn’t realise how incredibly strenuous or challenging BJJ can be. It tests your strengths and weaknesses, shows you that your body can do things you never though it could and brings excitement with each class as there is always something new to learn.

When I tap, it means I have accepted the technique, learned the lesson and look to apply the experience next time I step on the mats.
If your looking for a club that is more like a family come down and join Fightcross MMA Redcliffe and it’s KOMA team. You won’t regret it!